Spring 2001

Europe trip w/ the Bouncing Bulldogs

~It's been my birthday for 14 minutes.~

I thought about doing this "project" about 2 months ago when I came across these photos again. I have had these photos with me in a random box since I went to college.

I originally wanted to write a long back story explaining the photos and the trip. Not sure if it's now my procrastination (probably) or the idea that I just want you to think what you want to think about the photos.

They should tell the story themselves anyway.

But I will leave you with this

Through my eyes at 11 years old in Europe. (11 is my lucky number. and 3). My first time out of the United States. Using maybe about 5 or 6 Kodak disposable cameras my mom packed for me.

"Take lots of pictures!" -Mom 

I personally was kinda like "OK! OK!" at a few of the pictures. Lol! Some of the others you can tell an 11 year-old took it. Haha! 

~It has now been my birthday for 27 minutes.~